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 Additives and ingredients

Wisium’s additives & ingredients activity is one of the company’s major growth drivers which has considerably developed over the past three years (organic growth and acquisitions). Wisium develops innovative, sustainable and profitable feed additives to improve the zootechnical and economic performances of livestock farms and breed animals in a healthier way. Additives help provide natural solutions serving livestock and economic performance of farms and develop an alternative solution to the use of medicines.

Organised around flagship brands, the additives & ingredients division promotes and markets a wide range of innovative products derived from its leading global research network. The company is also developing new, highly innovative concepts such as functional ingredients that give some specific benefits to feed: taste, texture, hydration, and health. Multi-specie focused, Wisium manufactures and supplies premixes, nutritional specialties and additives to industrial and on farm feed producers, providing a large array of dedicated and tailor made services throughout Southern Africa.


Wisium’s premix activity is based on the production of technical products, hand in hand with high value-added consultancy services. Click to learn more.


Besides its premix activity, Wisium supplies nutritional specialities based on a blend of specific ingredients responding to precise nutritional targets. Click to learn more.


Wisium supplies an international portfolio of innovative products in Southern Africa, greatly improving the zootechnical and economic performance of livestock farming with an emphasis on sustainability. Click to learn more.

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