Premix & Specialities

Why use Our Premix?

Our objective is to make your job simple by:
– Sourcing and stocking all ingredients required for the fortification of your product
– Blending all ingredients into an easy-to-use, one- item premix
– Reduce your number of inventory line items
– Reduce coordination and importation of multiple ingredients
– Reduce potential production errors when dealing with expensive and small quantity ingredients
– Blend is customized to meet your desired or specific nutritional needs/claims


ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System | HACCP Certified

Analytical Lab | Micro Testing | Custom Packaging


Wisium’s premix activity is based on the production of technical products, hand in hand with high value-added consultancy services. Our local Premix experts provide industrial and on-farm feed producers with essential advice related to premixes, nutritional recommendations, zootechnic and hygiene monitoring of livestock, design of customised feed programs, supply of decision-making tools, detailed analysis of raw materials and finished products, and regular follow-up and reports on quality control plans.


Besides its premix activity, Wisium supplies nutritional specialities based on a blend of specific ingredients responding to precise nutritional targets. Generally distributed during critical periods, they provide technical answers to on-farm challenges.

Neovia’s additives & ingredients activity is one of the company’s major growth drivers which has considerably developed over the past three years (organic growth and acquisitions).

Neovia develops innovative, sustainable and profitable feed additives to improve the zootechnical and economic performances of livestock farms and breed animals in a healthier way.

Additives help provide natural solutions serving livestock and economic performance of farms and develop an alternative solution to the use of medicines. Organised around flagship brands, the additives & ingredients division promotes and markets a wide range of innovative products derived from its leading global research network. The company is also developing new, highly innovative concepts such as functional ingredients that give some specific benefits to feed: taste, texture, hydration, and health.


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