T5X – Much more than a Toxinbinder

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Focus on efficient Mycotoxins control:
Mycotoxins contamination in feed is, nowadays, one of the main problems for animal farms. As it damages the immune system and leads to poor animal performance, efficient and sustainable solutions have to be found in order to prevent suffering from these disastrous effects.

Neovia’s T5X anti-mycotoxin concept offers a solution against a broad spectrum of mycotoxins.

The T5X concept is based on synergistic action of components acting directly on toxins by removing them from the digestive tract with powerful specific toxinbinders but also acting on the animal’s immune system and promoting its own defences.

T5X stimulates liver function to facilitate detoxifying reactions and the elimination of mycotoxins.

T5X efficiently reduces oxidative stress generated by mycotoxins and maintains cell and organ integrity. T5X also ensures a sufficient immune response from the animal. This is a key action as mycotoxins are known to negatively influence immune status, increasing flock susceptibility to diseases and lowering responses to vaccination programs.

NEOVIA also provides a complete approach that aids breeders in preventing and managing Mycotoxins.

It includes diagnostic tools to evaluate the risk of Mycotoxin’s at farm level as well as comprehensive Mycotoxins analysis (up to 43 molecules in one shot including recently discovered harmful molecules) to guide our clients in the implementation of preventive (or curative) strategies.

With the T5X approach, NEOVIA offers its clients all the key tools to define a good mycotoxin risk management plan.

Neovia is the feed additive business unit of InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health Group. InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health Group is active in 5 activities: compound feed, premix, feed additives, analysis laboratories and animal health. The Group employs over 5 600 people in 18 countries and has 74 production sites. InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health generated sales of EUR 1.4 billion in 2011/2012.

Coprex manufactures and supplies premixes, nutritional specialties and additives to industrial and on farm feed producers, providing a large array of dedicated and tailor made services throughout South Africa. Coprex is a subsidiary of the French Group Invivo Animal Nutrition & Health, a world leader in animal nutrition.
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